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oh my god. since abt 1 to now (almost 2:30) I have gone to walmart and bought toothpaste, bought a leagues card from my friend at his room, started laundry, called home, moved laundry to the dryer, and emailed my teacher my homework. and I go to work in 20 minutes.
im beat

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Yu Gi Oh 30 Day Challenge, Day 6: "What shipping do you despise/don’t understand how people could ship it?"

There were so many things I could have picked for this. *sigh* This fandom’s shippers are whack. Here’s the top ten biggest examples of that.

1) Azureshipping (aka Kaiba/Anzu, Kaiba/Tea) - First off, that particular fanart above just kinda creeps me out for some reason. Second, I really don’t understand why this is so popular. They’re not even really friends in canon. They don’t have much interaction, and what they do have is mostly negative. Like, what am I missing here?

2) Bronzeshipping (aka Yami Marik/Marik) - I’m not a fan of any of the “selfcest” ships,like Puzzleshipping or Tendershipping, but Bronzeshipping is the worst because unlike the other two it’s not a spirit/host relationship. Yami Yugi and Yami Bakura are at least technically  ghosts - separate people - possessing their hikari’s body. But Yami Marik is literally just a split personality of Marik. It’s literally fucking yourself. Not that they even could, because (fangirls seem to forget this part) they don’t have separate bodies (I hate when fanfics give Yami Marik his own body with no explanation). Lastly, I hate when people draw or write this ship as cute or loving, like in the picture above. Yami Marik is a sociopath. It’s OOC for him to be anything but abusive. Fanart Pixiv ID: 12579630

3) Citronshipping (aka Thief King Bakura/Marik) - They don’t exist in the same timeline! The Thief King is from Ancient Egypt! Marik is from present day! Fanart source: Meiyosama

4) Fearshipping (aka Yami Marik/Ishizu) - A, it’s a dude banging his sister. B, given Yami Marik’s personality and the fanart I found of this ship, it’s a dude raping his sister. If that’s what you’re into, seek help. 0_o

5) Geminishipping (aka Thief King Bakura/Yami Bakura) - This has the same timeline issues that Citronshipping does, and there’s also the problem that they’re the same person. They don’t even have different personalities, like Yami Marik and Marik. Their personalities are identical. One is just tanner than the other. I really don’t get these narcissistic ships. Fanart source: DragonBreak

6) Illusionshipping (aka Yami Marik/Mai) - Their entire canon interaction involved extreme, traumatizing psychological torture. Any romantic happenings between these two would be abusive, rape-y, and sick. Trying to depict them as a cute, loving couple would be OOC, Stockholm-y, and sicker. Fanart source: TheTrainTicket

7) Lotusshipping (aka Seto/Mokuba/Noa) - Incestous, shotacon threesome? No thanks. 0_o Plus, it’s bizarre how often I see people paint these three as a cute, happy family. Noa brainwashed Mokuba and tried to kill Seto. If Noa came back, there’d be at least a little angst and mistrust, I think, even if he did redeem himself in the end. And I say “come back” because Noa is dead. It drives me nuts when fanfics have him show up randomly alive with no explanation! Fanart source: TSUTUYA07

8) Mobiumshipping (aka Atem/Yugi/Yami Yugi) - This is literally having an OT3 with yourself. And the Atem and Yami part of it has the same “same-personality-and-everything-but-one-is-tanner-and-from-a-different-timeline” problem Geminishipping does, while the Yugi and Yami part of it  has the same body-sharing problem as Bronzeshipping. Seriously, how would this even work?

9) Tabloidshipping (aka Seto/Mokuba) - Damnit, fangirls. Please don’t make this adorable sibling relationship into a creepy incest statutory-rape-if-not-actual-rape one.

10) Yami Yugi/Yusei -  I don’t know the ship name for this one, but seriously? Not only are they from different timelines, they’re from different anime! Fanart source: d53865

Hey there, I think you’re free to like or dislike whatever ships you want.  However, you chose my fanart to represent geminishipping.  I don’t really like my art being reposted, so I ask you find another image to represent them.

Also, if you knew more about the original context of my geminishipping piece; I drew it to celebrate my friend and her cosplay victory at a recent con as a TKB in a Millennium World group.  Then, since I run askDarkHourBakura, that makes Bakura my “avatar” and so the whole point was “yay, good job on the cosplay, TKB.” It's supposed to be a totally ridiculous geminishipping piece.

I explain this in the description on both dA and Tumblr.

Point is, I don’t like my art being reposted, especially to spread hate when the original context was self-aware, so remove it.


I stopped reading at “one is tanner than the other” bcos my eyes just started rolling back into my head

todays forecast calls for scattered cat naps

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I am a Monster when it comes to making fullmetalpersonals. im saving manga pages on my phone, transferring the file to my computer to edit, and using some tweets i had saved for later use. fmp game strong

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im so pissed off. I didn’t even really want to hang out last night but I did anyway and today the wifis out so now I cant do anything I wanted to do. I have like three hours until work to do nothing and im soooooooooo upset

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Man, I just got nose goes’d into making a strip club. :(

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