i just got super emotional abt fullmetal alchemist

nestles comfortably in the fandom and pretends i fit in

oh my god. fullmetalpersonals has 71 followers and its only 5 days old. also this post is at 742 notes and that is the most notes ive ever got on anything ever. everything else is getting pretty positive response too. i feel so accomplished and HAPPY that this blog has taken off so well. it’s a very nice hobby that is rewarding in so many senses. it’s so nice to see that something i enjoy to do can bring so much enjoyment (or pain in that post’s case lmfao) and it’s very grounding, esp when i’m going thru the tough shit that i am.

thank u for those who are supporting it n stuff im just.

im probably going to break my 4.0 gpa this quarter because of work and im so frustrated I could cry

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its so nice to be able to sift thru everybodys comments in their tags. it was v nice.

also everybodys pain thats fun too. now i know how zye feels.

So Proud. look at my little blog go.